In the fourth quarter of 2013, we launched 3 new free Android apps in the Google Play store.

2 of them require additional hardware, but the third works with the Sensordrone out of the box.

SocialDrone for Android

SocialDrone Free Android AppLaunched in October, SocialDrone allows you to post data collected from your Sensordrone quickly and easily right from your Android powered device to social media:

SocialDrone lets you take measurements with your Sensordrone, and post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Simply select Facebook/Google+/Twitter, sign in, select a sensor and post your readings!


This app requires no additional hardware, and is a fun way to tweet or share ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure or altitude, as well as levels of any of the oxidizing and reducing gases the Sensordrone can measure with its 11 on board sensors. You can read more about the sensors here:  Sensordrone.

Water Quality Meter for Android

Most recently released is the Water Quality Meter for Android.  This app is designed to read data from your Sensordrone working in conjunction with two of our new add on modules: pH level and/or Dissolved Oxygen Levels.

Water Quality Meter for AndroidFor this app to work, you need the app, a Sensordrone, and one or both of our pH Level Meter or Dissolved Oxygen Level Meter.  You won’t be able to use the app without those, but you can still download and install the app if you want to see it “in action”.

The Water Quality Meter app allows you to use the Atlas-Scientific pH and dissolved oxygen probe add-on modules for the Sensordrone available at (This means extra hardware is needed to use the app!)

The pH section allows you to measure pH using the pH probe add-on module, and perform a calibration at pHs of 4, 7, and 10. For measurements, a temperature offset can optionally be set, for improved accuracy.

The dissolved oxygen section allows you to take measurements using the dissolved oxygen probe and perform probe calibration. For measurements, a temperature and conductivity offset can optionally be set, for improved accuracy.

For both add-on modules, an on-board probe ID can be set on the probe (useful if you have several probes of one type). The firmware version of the probe modules can be read as well.

All measurements made while the app is running are logged, and can optionally be exported as a csv file before the app is closed (the file is deleted when the app is closed, so be sure to save it if you need to).

Head over to our online store to read more about our add on modules for Sensordrone.

Air Quality Monitor App for Android

Last but certainly not least, in late August we released the Air Quality Monitor app for Android. The app reads carbon monoxide (CO) levels direct from your Sensordrone, as well as Carbon Dioxide levels if you’ve Air Quality Monitor for Androidpurchased the CO2 Extension from our store, here.  So, in a sense this will work with your Sensordrone out of the box, but to achieve the full functionality, you will need to purchase the additional hardware.

Air Quality Monitor (AQM) allows you to pair a Sensordrone and measure the air quality based on the amount of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), if you have purchased the CO2 external module.

At any time, you can tap the face in the lower left portion of your screen to request a measurement.

AQM also provides a service that can run at a specified interval automatically to log your air quality in the background (for more information please see the help menu in the “Settings” page).

All of your measurements are saved in a local database on your device, that can easily be sent as a csv file.

We’re always looking for feedback on our official apps, so please feel free to comment below if you have suggestions.

Moreover, the Sensordrone code is open source, so if you are a developer, you can create your own apps that utilize all the functionalities of our device, as well as any sensor or component you can connect to the Sensordrone through the expansion port (0-3V Analog sensor or a digital (TTL UART or i2C)).  To us, this one of the most exciting aspects of the Sensordrone.  Download the specs here: Spec Sheet, or head over to and learn more!

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