It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog, as we’ve been very busy internally working on new content, new features, and yes, a few new products.  I’ll briefly talk about those, but only in shadowy terms, since they are being finalized.

New Content

Actually, the whole website is new.  We changed platforms in preparation for a few things, foremost being a better customer experience.  We’ve made it easier to reorder, or to see what you’ve ordered in the past. We’re adding new information too, as over the past couple of years we’ve learned more about you and what you’re looking for.

Some examples.

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about Sensordrone operation, and put together a Sensordrone Troubleshooting guide.  Most people are able to operate them pretty easily, but Bluetooth can be a challenge, so we covered that in some detail.


We had a look at how carbon monoxide was viewed in different industries, and added some recommendations based on safety agency standards.  Here, we advised auto mechanics on what levels of CO they might experience in a garage.

In case you wonder about how engines can create carbon monoxide issues in an enclosed space, I made a quick video of me starting a lawn mower in an OPEN garage.  Please don’t do it with the door down!

We also added a lot of documentation for our units, from the Sensordrone to the Inspector series.  You can find that information here: User Manuals and Data Sheets.  At that link, you’ll find full specs for the Sensordrone, so if you ever wondered what’s in one, there’s your answer.

Lastly, we started exploring the data logger capabilities of the Sensordrone.  We’ve had data logging apps available for a while now, but the term data logging is becoming a frequently used expression around the office lately.  Here’s why.

New Products

Data loggers!

Based on the Sensordrone board, and with many enhancements, we’ll be rolling out a series of USB charged and driven programmable data loggers.  I don’t have a photo I can share just yet, but I will soon.  Follow me at @SensorconKevin if you want to be among the first to see it.  I’ll say a lot more about the sensor sets we will be including, and specific operational parameters in the coming weeks, so check back often.  Or again, simply follow along on Twitter.  Here’s a hint though… we may be asking what the weather is like in your area, and asking you to prove it.

The data loggers should have both consumer (citizen science, edtech) and industrial applications.

A New Version of the Inspector Series Single Gas Meter

We’re growing our handheld, wearable single gas meter family.  At some point in Q4, we will be launching both Carbon Monoxide and H2S version of the Industrial Pro Gas Monitors.  At the price point we intend to launch it, we think the Industrial Pro will be a first in class addition to the arsenal.  It will have 2 powerful new features:

  • Programmable alarm points
  • Time Weighted Average stats for judging overall exposure.

The Inspector Family

Couple that with its water proof, dust proof case, its intrinsically safe nature and rating, and the powerful MAX mode which stores and displays a highest concentration read during a session, and you’ve got one of the most powerful handhelds on the market for under $200.  We’re very excited about it.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to this summer.  How about you?



Sensordrone Integration - Blueforce Development

There’s a reason we went open source with the initial version of the Sensordrone. Whenever you create a product that has so many potential applications, it’s difficult to both predict all of them, and also create for all of them. As a result, we have a few great examples of companies working towards enterprise class integration with Sensordrone.

Case Study – Integration with Sensordrone

Blueforce Development serves the first responder and national security sectors, amongst others. From their website:


Blueforce Development Corporation is an early-stage company focused on the development of software products that facilitate the formation of arbitrary and spontaneous confederations of people, sensors, and systems using handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Our passion is in the delivery of network-centric computing for those requiring the highest degree of security, mobility, and interoperability.


Blueforce Development also has a robust marketplace where they offer myriad products that they have integrated with their software packages.

Sensordrone Integration - Blueforce Development

In the case of Sensordrone, we see a perfect marriage of hardware, app, and software. By equipping key personnel with a Sensordrone, and then pulling that data back to a command center suite, Blueforce is extending the informational reach of decision makers in real time.

Blueforce used our open source code to deliver all of our sensor data back to their solution; from carbon monoxide levels, to ambient and infrared temperatures, to simple weather conditions.

All of this information is easily parsed, and decisions on deployment, safety concerns, and tactics can be created or altered based on the results.

The Takeaway

The Sensordrone is first and foremost a commercial product. While it has appeal to hobbyists and hackers, and in fact has been initially marketed that way, we think there are hundreds of real world applications that it can extend and support.

From Homeland Security to EPA applications, and from monitoring your greenhouse to simply understanding your exposure levels to common gases, the Sensordrone can be used out of the box, or tailored to your specific needs.

For More Information

For more information on Sensorcon, the Sensordrone, or any of our sensor technologies, please email

Mark R just posted a bunch of great updates over at the Developer site for Sensordrone.  Full text in the quote box below, but I wanted to highlight a few critical ones:

1.)  There’s now a data logging app.  Lots of folks have been looking for data logging capabilities on their Sensordrones, so check that out.  The app is used to tell the Drone what data to log.

2.)  All 7 of the apps we submitted to the Apple store are now live.

3.)  New firmware is out for the Sensordrone.  It’s running as Version 2.0.

Full Details:

All of our submitted apps to the Apple App store have been approved. That brings the count up to 7; more info about the apps and links to them on the app store can be found

There is a new firmware out! We are calling it Firmware 2.0! (You will need the SDFirmwareUpdate-1.4 installer to install it). This can be found directly at

New Firmware (2.0). Changes (from last non-beta) include
1. Bluetooth Low Energy connection time greatly improved.
2. Discoverable for 30 seconds over BT classic after reset, and then non-discoverable after. Blinks blue during this period.
3. Data logging implemented.

Just to talk a little about these points:
1) This is an improvement over the connection times for LE/iOS from the last non-beta version (this was included in the BETAs). There was a bit of a bug that could cause a (rather lengthy) delay in attempting to connect in iOS, but we seem to have squashed it.

2) We have changed the way Bluetooth behaves a bit for classic bluetooth (Android, or typical Serial Port use). Previously, the Sensordrone would broadcast its name/MAC address all the time (meaning that any time you scanned for it, it would appear). We have changed this behavior so that now it only broadcasts its name/MAC address during the first 30 seconds it has been powered on. It will also blink blue during these 30 seconds. Along with saving a bit of battery life, this also has a further implication to all of our apps (which we have recently updated).

From now on, in our, apps, you will have to have already paired the Sensordrone with your phone. Previously, all the apps scanned for the Sensordrone, and would connect if it was detected. (A slow and bit annoying process). Now they all show a list of paired Sensordrones from a list of those paired with your phone, showing up much quicker to connect to. This also means when you pair it once with your phone, it should show up in all of out apps with no extra work!

3) Data logging! We now support on-board datalogging for the Sensordrone (though any in the Sensordrone App beta Testers community have already had an early peak at this). Now you can tell the Sensordrone which sensors you want to log, at a specified interval, for a specified length of time. Come back later, and get the data! You will need an app to configure this though! That app should live (non-beta) in a few hours, and more info can be found at