Sensordrone Integration - Blueforce Development

There’s a reason we went open source with the initial version of the Sensordrone. Whenever you create a product that has so many potential applications, it’s difficult to both predict all of them, and also create for all of them. As a result, we have a few great examples of companies working towards enterprise class integration with Sensordrone.

Case Study – Integration with Sensordrone

Blueforce Development serves the first responder and national security sectors, amongst others. From their website:


Blueforce Development Corporation is an early-stage company focused on the development of software products that facilitate the formation of arbitrary and spontaneous confederations of people, sensors, and systems using handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Our passion is in the delivery of network-centric computing for those requiring the highest degree of security, mobility, and interoperability.


Blueforce Development also has a robust marketplace where they offer myriad products that they have integrated with their software packages.

Sensordrone Integration - Blueforce Development

In the case of Sensordrone, we see a perfect marriage of hardware, app, and software. By equipping key personnel with a Sensordrone, and then pulling that data back to a command center suite, Blueforce is extending the informational reach of decision makers in real time.

Blueforce used our open source code to deliver all of our sensor data back to their solution; from carbon monoxide levels, to ambient and infrared temperatures, to simple weather conditions.

All of this information is easily parsed, and decisions on deployment, safety concerns, and tactics can be created or altered based on the results.

The Takeaway

The Sensordrone is first and foremost a commercial product. While it has appeal to hobbyists and hackers, and in fact has been initially marketed that way, we think there are hundreds of real world applications that it can extend and support.

From Homeland Security to EPA applications, and from monitoring your greenhouse to simply understanding your exposure levels to common gases, the Sensordrone can be used out of the box, or tailored to your specific needs.

For More Information

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