TeamApollo picts of marshmellowman

Since we posted the pictures and brief write up of our Sensordrone kissing the face of space (post), I’ve been asked one question fairly consistently:

Why was Lego Man on the flight, and what happened to him?

Well, as it turns out, there’s one good answer, and one that creates a mystery.

I asked Jose Lopez, lecturer at MSU Denver and project particpant, why Lego Man was on the flight, and what happened to him.

The response, including info on the marshmallows near Lego Man:

The students wanted to see the behavior of the marshmallows at very low pressure. They expected them to get very big, but did not. As for the man, I encourage Artsy stuff be added and souvenirs.

So that explains the why.

But what happened to Lego Man?

Unfortunately he did not survive the balloon burst.

So now we have a mystery.

Was Lego Man a casualty? Or did someone build the Galaxy Commander, with or without appropriate sensors… and rescue him? We may never know.

Lego Galaxy Commander

To be sure, Lego has given us many blueprints for craft capable of near space flight since the dawning of the Galaxy Commander. Perhaps another vehicle could have been scrambled and launched in time to save Lego Man.

We’ll leave it a “pix or it didn’t happen” for now.

What do you think happened? Tweet with #LegoMan to let us know your thoughts….